-Lori Pickert

"Children, even when very young, have the capacity for inventive thought and decisive action. They have worthwhile ideas. They make perceptive connections. They’re individuals from the start: a unique bundle of interests, talents, and preferences. They have something to contribute. They want to be a part of things. It’s up to us to give them the opportunity to express their creativity, explore widely, and connect with their own meaningful work."

Project Based Learning

Introduction of Project based learning is one of the key components under our initiative. This will further be compounded with the development of open educational platform which will help in sharing of Project Based Learning. Our research and development will generate “Project-Based-Learning” pedagogical approach modules for Middle, High and Higher Secondary Schools and would facilitate the development of OER ( Video, Docs and prototype) and learning kits for the execution of Project Based learning to help teachers, educators and students across geographies and economic profiles. Project and Activity based learning modules, which can be executed from Trash or easily available things which are not costly; will make most of its impact on the most marginalize students of rural section of India. The impact of using Project & Activity Based Learning approach is to bridge the gap between the theoretical concepts and its practical applications. Under this approach we will be putting students under situation where they will have to find solutions to the problems given to them. This will make their concepts more clear and will always keep them thinking on their feet. We want the students to identify the issues prevailing in their local areas and work for finding solutions to these issues.