Pratyaya EduResearch Lab

A non-profit social change organization working towards Quality & Equity in education.


I was born and brought up in small town typical Indian middle class family. My journey from government school, Engineering College Vidisha, IIT Khargpur to IBM’s system and technology group at Bangalore gave me exposure to various discriminations, specially to gender, caste, religion and educational inequality. My life’s small journey clearly told me that there is a strong inequality into the discussion making positions for marginalized community and an obvious reason is women, Dalit, Adiwasi and other marginalized community dot not have equal access to the quality education. And always there are questions like: Why not equal opportunity for everyone? Why we still following text based mechanical learning pedagogy? Even in technology era, why schools in rural area exploring world’s best freely available open educational resource? Why we still have a lack of Social and Political will for the improvement of quality in public education? Why Society only helping people and not empowering them with quality education? That lands me into deep thinking and discussion with my friends and family and in August 2013 I quit form IBM and decided to serve the community with working towards providing meaningful, interesting and innovative education in the villages. I started a social initiative and conducted the physics demonstration lectures and organizing Vigyan mela at various Govt. Schools and Govt. SC-ST hostels of Pandhurna, Saunsar, Bhichua, Multai, Prabhat Pattan Blocks, which are in Chhindawara and Betul District of Madhya Pradesh, state of India. After giving demonstrative lectures in more than 30 Govt. schools and reaching out to more than 5000 students of these districts in a six month, I strongly felt that there is a need of revolution in the education system specially with our pedagogy.

Girish Mahale

This gave birth to "Pratyaya EduResearch Lab", with the support from my family and friends we registered it as not-for-profit organization (Section 25 Company) on 13 January 2014, where a group of young intellectuals are working to reform the way in which education is imparted in India. We believe that every student of India should have the equal right of getting quality education. We strive to work as a non government, non profitable autonomous organization which is working to create a deep, large scale and long-term impact on the quality and equity of education in India. To achieve our vision, work with existing system and build self sustainable local educational ecosystem, which will able to do educational research and develop the movement of local leaders such that, it will end educational inequity. We take our inspiration from Walter Lewin's (Prof at MIT) Physics Demonstration Lectures and Arvind Gupta's Toys from Trash effort. Walter Lewin shows how the demonstrative and innovating teaching make quality education alive and Arvind Gupta's effort from making toys from trash shows as that School kids can do great scientific experiments at very little cost. The great pioneers of science did their work with very simple equipments. It is possible, therefore, to follow their footsteps and learn to have a scientific thinking without fancy and elaborate apparatus.

We dream one day every kid will have equal access to quality education irrespective of anything and that help to empower marginalized section and we build an equitable, humane and sustainable society.


Our Organization Structure

Board of Members

Girish Mahale

Director, Pratyaya EduResearch Lab

Former R&D Engg. at STG Labs,IBM India. M. Tech. (Microelectronics & VLSI Design)-IIT-KGP. BE(ECE)-SATI Vidisha(M.P.)

Godavari Mahale

Director, Pratyaya EduResearch Lab

Specialist on poor educational condition and socio-economic status of women in villages of Madhya Pradesh.

Abhijeet Yadav

Business Operations Manager at Ocwen Financial Corp.-Mumbai

MBA-IIM Kozhikode BE(ECE), SATI-Vidisha(M.P.)

Bhushan Patne

Asst. Manager - Operations, RSPL Ltd. Kanpur

MBA, IIT Kanpur. BE(ECE), SATI Vidisha(M.P.)

Pratik Mankawde

R&D Engg. DreamWorks Animation Studios

M.Tech. Computer Science - IIIT-Bangalore, BE(CS)-RGPV Bhopal (M.P.)

Sexual Harrasment Commitee

Sayali Parate

Committee Head

Graduate Fellow

Dipeeka Paradkar

Committee Member

Senior Graduate Volunteer

Priyanka Choudhari

Committee Member

Senior Graduate Volunteer