Leadership Development

The purpose of this program is to give the platform to high potential local based graduates to do the educational research and implement ideas with rural government schools and SC-ST hostels. This would not only give an opportunity to young graduates to have a hands on experience about education, but will also make an effective involvement of local graduate resource into quality education program and will prepare quality teachers, alumni and social changemaker for the future. It involves opportunity to lead implementation modules at schools, learning and development of leadership and communication skills, connecting with the world’s latest education development and research approach and creating awareness about the use of technology.


The world’s most disadvantaged students need as many teachers as possible with a vision for defying expectations. We need teachers who are willing to reach beyond the four walls of the classroom, help their students rise above the challenges they face, and make up for weaknesses in schools and systems. Their leadership, high standards, and firm belief in their students’ abilities inspire those students to believe in themselves and strive for formerly unimaginable goals.


Addressing educational inequity doesn’t end with heroic teachers. We know that teaching successfully in high-need communities is foundational for a lifetime of leadership and advocacy for educational opportunity. Alumni of Pratyaya EduResearch Lab’s Graduate Fellowship network partners go on to become school and district leaders, policymakers, founders of advocacy organizations, and business and civic leaders who effect change.

System Change

Real change for all kids will mean strong schools and systems in communities where economies are improving, better nutrition and healthcare are available, and the streets and hallways are safer. Through shaping a generation of leaders working inside and outside of education, we can ensure that all of our children have the opportunity to fulfill their true potential.