Innovation Lab

If we want to impart quality education in schools, we need participation and initiatives that come from the student community: their interest, motivation and enthusiasm are must to incline teacher’s commitment towards quality education. So there is a need of injecting quality and innovative education elements into the student community. Pathashala Sahayta Kendra is a program to work with both the section of public education system: teacher and student. So setting up the “Innovation Lab” in schools is to focus on most important stake holders of the education system - "the student and his/her active participation and ownership". Formation of it is to serve the purpose of an active demand for good quality, meaningful and innovative education in students and their parents. We are working on setting up a Innovation Lab in schools, that is lead by an independent group of school students and working with school teacher and Pratyaya Eduresearch Lab team. This autonomy builds their leadership skills and self-reliance.


Computer Programming Club

Sports and Physical Education Club

Art and Craft Club

Social and Political Science Club

Toys from Trash Club

Music and Theater Club

Science Club

Robotics Club

Students Library


Student Ownership

Teacher as a Facilitator

Setup by Local community

Co-operative and Collaborative team learning

Awareness for the use of ICT


Details coming soon!