Pathashala Education Empowerment Initiative

Pathashala Sahayta Kendra is long term structure program with government schools and SC-ST hostels. It will be aiming towards execution of several of quality education solutions, support, guidance and training to leaders, teachers and students while working at their school. Pathashala Sahayta Kendra is the program to work with both: Teacher and Student; graduate student volunteers and their cluster resource centers to enhance. Pathashala Sahayta Kendra is not intended to supplant or supplement the government or public education system in any way – but it is a theme to work with government and other schools and to help in local capacity building and awareness creation for "quality and equity in education".

  • Education For Development
    Project-Based-Learning Modules for existing school curriculum
  • Real Time Project Assignment and Student Project Competition
  • Career guidance and higher education awareness
  • Student Community Ownership
    Student Innovation Hub
  • Student Run Library
  • Peer Learning and Student Teaching Leadership Building
  • Society Active Involvement
    Assessment tool for quality of education of school and SMC to do assessment for school
  • SMC to contribute to “Graduate Student Fellowship”.
  • Local Community based organization to support schools financially.
  • Teacher Involvement
    Local Graduate Student Fellowship.
  • Involvement of in-service teachers in planning and implementation.
  • Educational Research and Teacher Professional Development Workshops.
  • Inclusion through Education
    Rural Government Schools.
  • Government SC-ST Hostels.
  • Collaboration with other organizations working with marginalized Communities.
  • Technology in Education
    ICT Culture inside schools.
  • Open educational resources.
  • Computer Science at School.

Project Based Challenges

Water Rocket Challenge

Scooter Design Challenge

Newton's 3rd Law in Action

Electric Motorboat Drag Racing

Electric RC Boat