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Local Based Volunteer and Fellowship program for locally based (For Pandhurna, Saunsar, Multai and Prabhat Pattan Educational Block of Chhindawara and Betul Districts of M.P., INDIA) college graduates, young professionals and technicians with a belief to bring long-term reforms in education sector. The programme aims to empower the talented youth to improve the quality of education by addressing the capacity issues in government schools and government SC-ST Hostels by working voluntarily on project-based-learning pedagogical approaches in their areas of interest during their three years of graduation and two years of post-graduation study. And voluntarily engage local based youth professionals and technicians for period of three years in developing and implementing projects that are intersection of education and livelihood, it is to create employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for the rural youth. And make the school education practical and relevant by providing job/life skills training, aptitude testing, career counseling, and bridge loan for micro-enterprises.

Mainly we are looking for volunteers from these three categories:

School Students

Students from secondary and higher secondary classes.

Science & Engineering students

B.Sc., B.A., M.Sc., M.A., B.Ed, D.Ed and M.Ed and other Science graduate and post-graduates. B.E., B.Tech, M.E. and M.Tech. studnets

Technicians and Entrepreneurs

Youths having expertise in field of Carpantary, Fabrication work, Construction, Technician, Electrician, Plumber, Computer Hardware, Fine Art and Hand loom craft.

You may have to relocate nearby Pandhurna, Saunsar, Multai or Prabhat Pattan blocks and you will need deep commitment for our volunteership program to participate in solving educational inequity. You should also be prepared to put up with some physical discomfort while travelling in villages, low responses from school and resistance from the system not comfortable in changing their conventional way of teaching. Currently we do not have any kind of financial stipend or fellowship for any of our volunteers or Fellow, but we do provide an eco-system to do educational research and build technical and leadership skills.
To volunteers please send us email with information about Educational Background, your areas of interest and the amount of time you can spare.

Please write to us at:

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Technical Resource

Help us develop technical resource material. It can range from presentations on topics from books, animations, lecture series to project evaluation matrix for our work.


If you think you can guide students about their career, competitive exams, latest trends in tech., market requirements of jobs or anything can will help them reach new heights, This role is for you.

Become our Technical Resource

In order to achieve our goal of building a local education eco-system for comprehensive change to quality and equity in the school education system, we will need to generate and disseminate ideas, materials and human resource; relating to meaningful education: ideas that are technically sound, consistent with a democratic value and tested in field conditions. We are constantly searching for creative minds and new project ideas that will help us to succeed in our work and maximize its impact. We strongly invite individuals, organizations, groups and movements from the educational society: community of teachers, students, parents and professionals to share their thoughts on improving the quality of teaching and learning in school education system.

These are the areas you can technically contribute:

Project Based Learning


Rural Youth Leadership Development


Rural Livelihood Development


Music and Art




Case study on our projects


We have more ways to connect..

You can connect us remotely or work with us physically and share your knowledge and ideas on above mentioned areas. Also you can come to Pandnurna and conduct capacity building workshop with our team in the areas of your interest. And if you like to do case study on our ongoing project and our working model, you are most welcome to do so, that will help us to get in depth analysis of our work and plan for future. It will also help in building a community and network of people locally and globally, who have an experience of working for educational change or committed to it.


Details coming soon! Keep checking this area.

Become Our Collaborating Partners

Collaboration at every level is the global approach to accelerating our impact and our approaches and solutions are always sharable. We believe in collaborative learning and working approach to end up educational inequality.

Developing Partner(Academic Inst., Research Org.)

Open Educational Resources offer opportunities for sustainable growth in improving the access and quality of education, by enabling free use and re-purposing of high-caliber learning and designing materials. This should be a key focus area for the our school education system as it addresses issues of scale and existing needs in the areas of content, instruction and advanced scientific apparatus. While government efforts in India to set up computer labs and provide one tablet per child, have increased hardware availability for teachers and students, there is a lack of digital learning resources in the public domain. Given the diversity of educational, social and linguistic contexts of the Indian school education system, there is a greater need for collaboration to produce and use the required wide variety of content for different subjects, grades and languages. We invite the organizations, graduate and post graduate colleges, institutes and university to collaborate with us for designing, developing and supporting Project-Based-Learning pedagogical contents and solutions (digital and non-digital) for public education system.

Implementing Partner(non-profit Orgs. Schools, Govt. dept, Commutnity Orgs.)

There are remarkable similarities in the nature of the problem from place to place, which means we can learn from each other about how to address this complex problem. We always welcome self-sustainable organizations and voluntarily group working on educational empowerment for government schools and Adiwasi (SC-ST) hostels or any other magnetized communities, come forward and collaborate with us to adapt our model to their local context, that might often develop new and better solutions and innovations. We move forward faster by working together. By learning from each other’s individual successes, the partner organizations in our network will working together so that all children, everywhere; can attain an excellent education.

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