Pratyaya EduResearch Lab

A non-profit social change organization working towards Quality & Equity in education.

Our Origin

Pratyaya EduResearch Lab is a not-for-profit organization (registered as a Section 25 of the companies Act, 1956), established in 2014 with a vision to contribute to society that facilitates a meaningful, innovative and high quality education affordable and reachable to all. We are based in Pandhurna , a small town of Chhindawara District, Madhya Pradesh. Our approach has been to focus all our resource, effort and research on systemic improvement in quality of education in rural areas such that it will empower marginalized community and help to build an equitable and sustainable Society.

Our Vision

Build an equitable society through equality in education. We aspire to facilitate meaningful, innovative and quality education that is accessible to all.

Our vision of equality in education has been drawn from the National Policy of Education and Right to Education. "Equality in everything" flows from the values articulated in the Constitution of India. The goal of "Education for all" stated in RTE have been the cornerstone of all our approaches to education reforms. We believe in going one step further and work for "Quality Education for all" .

Our Mission

“Our mission is to build a self-sustainable educational ecosystem at village level that promotes research in school education. This would transform the conventional pedagogy being followed at school into a Project-Based-Learning pedagogy where students will get an opportunity to implement their learning into real world projects through Hands-on and experimental approach. The completely student driven environment so created would give equal opportunity to all the students irrespective of any discrimination and thus empowering our rural communities both socially and economically. Through our work we aspire to develop future leaders and facilitate their movement to end educational inequality”

Core Values

Pratyaya EduResearch Lab has been built on six non-negotiable values.

Self to Society

We believe in Gandhian Philosophy of “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

The culture of our organization is to change world around you by changing self and lead by example. We always needs to work on ourselves scientific temper , creativity and research attitude which we want to see in our community. Our own socio-economic development will inspire and facilitate same for community.


Equality for education, social status. Equality in Everything.

Every member of the team is equally important and must be respected. An individual’s education, gender, caste or class does not make her or him any less or more valuable. Equality brings Respect and Humility. We value the strengths, experiences, and perspectives of others, and we recognize our own limitations.

Diversity and inclusion

We act on our belief that the movement to ensure educational equity will succeed only if it is diverse in every respect.

We value the perspective and credibility, of individuals who share the racial and economic backgrounds of the people we work for, can bring to our organization and classrooms. We will create an environment in which all people are actively included – treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can be themselves while contributing fully to the organization's success.

Open Culture and Decentralization

The Pratyaya EduResearch Lab encourages a high degree of freedom and autonomy to its functionaries at all levels.

The structure of the organization is largely flat, encouraging free flow of information providing equal opportunities to all in decision making as well as planning and implementation. We work to support a flow of information between itself, the rural communities, field centres, partner organisations and the Government System.

Generosity in service and Austerity for self

It's all about working for others.

As we strive to provide quality education at minimum possible cost to the society, the individuals associated with us work towards the collective aspirations of rural communities. This ensures that the individuals gets associated with us primarily because of their faith in our vision of building equitable society through quality education by contributing their time, assets or talent to the organization.

Constant learning and Research

We value the strength and diversity across the network and are committed to learning from each other.

With humility, we take the initiative to understand each other’s experiences and perspectives and to act strategically on the insights we gain. We never stand still; we are never satisfied. Individually, and as teams, we constantly look at what we do, and ask, “How can we do this better?” Then, we use a systematic approach to take action and that to leads towards innovation.

What Quality Education means to us?

Quality of education comprises of various factors. A good education provides knowledge and wisdom, fosters intelligence and encourages creativity, critical thinking and innovation amongst students. It transforms them into mature, healthy and happy individuals. We stress upon and work towards bringing creativity, innovation and intelligence; essential qualities which are ignored by the government and various other organizations thus far; into the system.

Education for us

  • Should be conceptual, demonstrative, though-provoking and above all free and accessible to all, that including the poorest and most marginalized and empowering them to reach with their full potential in society.
  • Is not a way to pass exams through mechanical learning, but the quality in education means the enhancement of learning ability. It is a tool to know and understand the world and how it works. Along with nurturing creativity, we promote values of responsible citizenship in education.

These are the main attributes for quality education for us:

  • Project Based Learning.
  • Livelihood in Education.
  • Social Values and Life Skill in Education.